Embrace your Birth Journey!

Empower yourself as a woman, mother and couple;

With my holistic & natural doula and maternity nursing services, I honour and support you and your journey into motherhood and parenthood. 

I am happy to work with you – and your partner – online and off-line, respecting the Covid-19 healthcare recommendations and guidelines.

Let’s talk and see what YOU need! 

Welcome to my practice: The Birth Journey

My practice came into being for you. For every woman who wants to experience inner direction, a deep listening to your own wisdom, a powerful birth and postpartum time and my encouraging support for your proces. I am there for you – and your partner and family – in a way that is tailored to your specific needs and wishes.  I am there for you as a first time mother, but also if you have had an earlier birth experience you would like to heal or expand on. Listening to you and your wishes, concerns and needs, I fully respect and support your choices. Every woman is different and we all wish to birth and mother in our own ways. As long as you know what you want and need, you can raise your voice and be empowered by your birth. This is not depending on the outcome of birth (if it was ‘easy’ or ‘difficult’) but depends on feeling heard, seen and supported. May your child have an empowering, loving and peaceful experience of birth. May you look back on giving birth with fulfilment, love and joy. To feel that ‘you did it!’ Would you like to know more about me and my work? Contact me and we can talk about your specific situation and wishes. I am always happy to talk to you.

Email me on degeboortereis@gmail.com or whatsapp/call at 06-55780723.